KRT® Geocell

Cellular Confinement System

Turkey’s leading 3D soil stabilization material KRT® Geocell is developed with local research and technology at ISO certified facilities.

Why KRT® Geocell?


Movea Ltd. is an engineering and technology company providing geotechnical innovative solutions in ground reinforcement and erosion control. Starting its business in 2011 in Istanbul, Movea Ltd. with its local research and developement studies is now proud to be the first in Turkey in producing the first high strenght 3D surface stabilization system KRT® Geocell in its Izmir plant.

KRT® Geocell is fully compliant with CE standards and specifications. Our products are manufactured using high technology at ISO certified facilities guaranteeing quality and traceability.


With our local and national R&D engineering studies, we are eager to meet the demands for Geocell product not only in Turkey but also Worldwide. With KRT® Geocell brand, Movea Ltd. is improving its quality and experience rapidly day by day through a professional view.

Our company is taking firm steps forward to be a worldwide brand in its sector with its KRT® Geocell  product, adopting ultimate quality and service principle with national technology and engineering approaches.


With a sense of social responsibility, our company is making a point of taking precautions to minimize the negative effects on enviroment at both project planning and construction stages.

Our main mission is to bring the nature and life together, to design projects with maximum benefit from natural energy sources and to provide sustainable applications within international standards minimizing damage on environment and nature.

KRT® Geocell Applications

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