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Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-07T13:04:12+03:00
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What are the applications of Geocell?2019-04-08T15:11:27+03:00

KRT® Geocell is a high quality erosion control and ground stabilization geosynthetic produced with high technology. The system has an interconnected 3D Honeycomb matrice that stabilize the soil and also enhance the drainage of the infill material. KRT® Geocell provides cost effective, aesthetic and stable solutions in slope stability problems, erosion control applications, retaining walls, channels and coastal protection structures. There are four main applications of Geocell;

Erosion Control (Cellular Infill Protection System)

KRT® Geocell protects steep slopes against erosion and landslides. The system, which protects the material inside the cell, provides a natural and safe protection against erosion by allowing safe root development and vegetation. Read more.

Cellular Confinement System slope protection system

Geocell erosion control in steep slopes and slope stability control

Soil Stabilization (Cellular Load Support & Improvement)

KRT® Geocell provides superior ground reinforcement under roads, railways, airfields, access roads, sidewalks and parking areas. The system reduces the base thickness to be used and provides a significant economical cost of filling.Read more.

Cellular Confinement System soil stabilization and load support system

Geocell Soil Stabilization and Load Support Applications

Retaining Walls (Green Retaining Walls with Geocell Facing)

KRT® Geocell can be filled with vegetative soil and stabilizing material to build green walls. Flexi retaining walls, which can be constructed using geogrid reinforcement, perform well against earthquake as opposed to conventional reinforced concrete walls. Read more.

Cellular confinement system MSE Retaining Wall System

Geocell Green Retaining Wall Structure

Hydraulic Structures (Channel & Shoreline Protection)

KRT® Geocell provides economical and safe solutions for hydraulic structures such as open channels, dam structures, shoreline protection structures. The system that can be filled with soil, crushed stone and concrete protects the structures against destructive effects of water. Read more.

Cellular Confinement System Erosion Control in Hydraulic Structures

Geocell Erosion Control in Open Channels and Shoreline Protection Applications

Is the Geocell and Cellular Confinement System the same?2019-02-26T19:38:59+03:00

Yes. The geosynthetic material in the 3D honeycomb structure is defined as Geocell worldwide. The technical name of the material is Cellular Confinement System.

KRT® Geocell Applications

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